Eztrader is a large broker that has been in business for a long time. The company first started offering binary options in 2008. The company are operating in Both Europe and the USA and is licensed to do so by NASDAQ and Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). Cyprus is a part of the EU and a license from Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) therefore allow EZTrader to operate within the entire EU zone.

eztraderEZTraders reputation have been going up and down over the years. During their first years they where very highly regarded but they feel behind their competitors  when new exciting brokers started to enter the market. The company was purchased by WGM in 2011. They have since then spent a lot of time and energy towards once again becoming a leading broker. This has been very successful and the broker is once again seen as one of the very best on the market.

They offer trading in a long row of different languages.

The broker use a very well designed software that makes it very easy to trade with binary options. The software is browser based and works on all platforms. They also offer apps for all the most popular mobile phone. The binary options have a return rate of up to 95%.


EZTrader offer generous bonuses. They do not offer any regular bonus. Instead they offer a lot of different campaigns with different bonuses and special perks. If you are unlucky enough to visit the website while Eztrader is in between campaigns you should contact an account manager. They can usually offer you a bonus even if they do not offer any official bonuses. You should also contact a manager if you want to deposit a large amount of money. In this situation it is often possible to negotiate a better bonus then that they are officially offering.

All bonuses is associated with a trading requirement. This trading requirement usually require you to invest your bonus amount 25 times in 90 days. The bonus is canceled and withdrawn from your account if you fail to meet the wager requirement. You can withdraw money before the requirement is met but if you do the bonus is canceled and removed from your account. Any remaining money can be withdrawn.

eztrader optionsSoftware for online trading

EZTrader use a well designed browser based software. The software works on all operating system and allow you to trade on both Mac and Windows as well as other smaller systems. They are constantly working on the platform and adding new features. EZTrader is one of the brokers that put the most resources towards improving their platform. This has transformed the broker into one of the most innovative brokers on the market today.

The trading platform offer you the opportunity to sell certain types of options early to liquidate a position before the option has matured. This can be very useful to secure profits and minimize loses.

Software for mobile trading

EZTrader offer mobile trading through their well designed and advanced trading app. The app is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). The iOS app can be downloaded from the APPLE store and the Android app is available in the PLAY store. You find links to both apps on the EZTrader website. It is very easy to trade with binary options using the apps.

EZTraders mobile software does not only contain the tools you need to trade but also a large amount of information and news that makes it easier to make informed trades.

Types of binary options

Eztrader focus primarily on regular options. They offer regular classical binary options and extra long options with a maturity of several weeks. They do at the moment not offer any super short options or exotic options. I think this is a good decision. It makes the site easier to navigate and make it easier for you to make money. I recommend against trading exotic binary options due to the fact that it is very hard to make money trading these types of options.

Thy do as previously mentioned unfortunately not offer any super short options. I have however been told that they consider adding short options and you should not be surprised if they offer them at the time that you read this.

The binary options offer returns of up to 90%.


EZTrader only offer one type of account that you can register for. VIP traders are often offered extra perks.

Financial instruments

eztrader2This broker focus their binary options heavily towards stocks. They offer a large selection of binary options based on different stocks. They offer options based on American companies such as Apple, Google and Disney, European companies such as Fiat, Tesco and Inditex, and Asian companies such as SONY, Rio and Reliance.

They offer a small selection of binary options based on other types of financial instruments. You can find options based on:

  • Commodities: They offer a very small selection of options based on the most popular commodities such as gold, silver and oil.
  • Currency pairs: They offer a small selection of options based on around 15 different currency pairs. Bitcoin is represented among these currency pairs.
  • Indices: They offer an above average selection of options based on indices. You can trade with options based on more than 20 different indices.

Support and banking

EZTrader offer a very good customer service. You never have to wait in line. You can simply send them your phone number through the website and they will call you as soon as they can. This is efficient, convenient and free since you do not need to pay for the call. If you do not want to provide them with your phone number you can choose to contact them through live chat or through the form on the website instead. The customer service is very knowledgeable.

It is very easy to deposit money to your account. You can use a long row of convenient banking options. Most but not all of these options can also be used to withdraw money. The minimum allowed deposit is USD 200.

Some examples of methods that you can use to deposit money includes VISA, MasterCard, AMEX , Neteller, Sofort, SKRILL (MoneyBookers), Cash U and wird transfer.